How To Tackle Your Debt and Still Afford A Latte with Nicole Lapin

We're joined by New York Times Best Seller, Nicole Lapin. Nicole talks about why budget shouldn't be a dirty word, how to enjoy your life AND have a 401k, and gives us practical ways to tackle your debt. We also discuss work-life balance, the importance of pressing pause on the "hustle" to take care of yourself, and what to say to those people who are always wanting to "pick your brain." 

Nicole Lapin is the star of the CW’s new business competition reality show “Hatched.” She was the youngest anchor ever at CNN before holding the same title at CNBC anchoring “Worldwide Exchange,” the only global finance show on the network, while contributing financial reports to “Today” and MSNBC. Lapin has served as a business anchor and special correspondent for Bloomberg Television as well as the money-saving correspondent for “The Wendy Williams Show” and also reports on Hollywood business for “The Insider” on CBS. She is currently Redbook magazine’s first-ever money columnist. Lapin’s first book, Rich Bitch, a personal finance guide for women, became an instant New York Times bestseller and sold out on Amazon. Crown Business recently announced its publication of her second book, Boss Bitch, slated for release in 2017. Lapin is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary and graduated as valedictorian from Northwestern University.

Why Having A Type Will Keep You Single

We talk to relationship coach Troy Spry on why having a type will keep you single, what to do if you want someone to commit, first date mistakes we're all making, and so much more. 

Troy Spry is a certified life and relationship coach and author of Teach Me How To Love. Find Troy here:  

The Breakup Episode

This week Ali & Lauren discuss everything about breakups. From whether or not Gigi and Zayn are making a mistake by saying "we might get back together" to why we needed closure in our past relationships. Do our ex's have to be our enemies? Is it ok to keep following them on social media? Do you need to disclose every detail of your past relationship to your new boo?

Stressed Over How To Tell If Your Partner is "The One"? This Episode Is For You!

We loved this piece from Bumble on how to give and receive better compliments. We discuss how we're bad at receiving compliments and how hard it is to acknowledge that you're doing a great job at something.  

 A new dating app called Tonight takes the back and forth out of getting to know someone. We discuss the pros and cons to the new app and if we would have used it while we were single. 

We also had a great question from a listener asking us how to "know" when you've met "the one" - we dig deep on this topic. 

Backstage With Your New Favorite Couple, Peter and Josh of The Charlotte Ballet

Peter and Josh of the Charlotte Ballet share how they became professional ballet dancers and how they came out to their parents. We also talk about how they met and began dating. Hear about their first date, meeting on Tinder, what they do with their free time and so much more, including the tricky balance of working AND living together.

You can catch your new BFF's in Charlotte Ballet's The Most Incredible Thing running March 9-18 at the Knight Theater. Grab your tickets to The Most Incredible Girls Night Out HERE

Episode 108: Dating In The City You Live In Is Not Actually The Worst So Stop Complaining

This week we discuss why dating in YOUR city is not actually the worst and why we think everyone needs to stop complaining about it, and change their attitude. Dating is 100% what you're putting out into the world and if you're only being negative, your experiences will be negative too. 

We also answer the age-old question, do nice guys always finish last? If you go on a date with a guy and you aren't feeling the spark right away, how many chances should you give him? 

We think time apart is an essential part of a committed and long-lasting relationship. We discuss this piece about SJP and Matthew Broderick's marriage: