Jessica Knoll Chats With Us About Why Women Need To Stop Apologizing and Why There Is Nothing Wrong With Loving The Real Housewives

New York Times Best-Selling Author Jessica Knoll chats with us about her brand new book "The Favorite Sister" and her best-seller "The Luckiest Girl Alive." We discuss her writing process and how much of her stories are based on real-life experiences.

We also chat about why women need to stop apologizing for wanting to be rich and why it's ok to love "The Real Housewives"!


NYT: I Want To Be Rich and I'm Not Sorry

BOOKS: The Luckiest Girl Alive & The Favorite Sister


Confessions From Ex Professionals Matchmaker: Hannah Orenstein

We talk to a real-life matchmaker, dating editor at Elite Daily and author of Playing With Matches: Hannah Orenstein. We discuss if hiring a matchmaker is really worth it, the REAL matchmaking rules, and the perfect first date that is NOT just drinking. We also discuss her thoughts on the perfect opening line on a dating app and why dating doesn't have to be "the worst" in 2018.

She also gives us all the details of her brand new book Playing With Matches, out Tuesday, June 26! We had the opportunity to read an advanced copy and it's the perfect beach read!

BUY HER BOOK: Playing With Matches

Camille Kostek On Becoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year and Dating in the Public Eye

We chatted with our Instagram girl-crush Camille Kostek on becoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year! She also gives us all her secret tips on how to look perfect when you're having a blah day, her favorite face mask, and why she drinks a ton of water.

We also chat about her gorgeous jewelry line inspired by her travels. Yes, we ask her about her boyfriend, New England Patriots player Rob "Gronk" Gronkowsk! We discuss what it's like to date in the public eye, her perfect date night, and why she can't stand being called his "gal pal."

Why Single Ladies Should Be Drinking Bourbon

We speak to executive barman Savvas Punsalan (don't call him a mixologist) on your home bar must-haves, what drinks you should be ordering on a date so you don't look lame, and what the bar staff is really thinking about you when you're on a date. He tells us an amazing story of a first-date gone wrong and the dirt on how he really feels about drunk people. We ask the difference between cheap vodka and top-shelf liquor and figure out once and for all what is causing our hangovers.

Ryan Cabrera On The Evolution of His Music, Hair Regrets, and the Last Time He Talked to Ashlee Simpson

Musician Ryan Cabrera joins the podcast to talk about how social media has impacted how he shares his music and connects with his fans. We also chat about how his songwriting and music have changed since he first emerged onto the music scene in 2004. We talk about the celebs you'd be surprised to know he's friends with, plus the last time he spoke with Ashlee Simpson. 

Ryan is playing the Neighborhood Theatre on Monday, May 14th. Grab tickets at

Catt Sadler on Trusting Your Gut, Equal Pay, and Why She Loves Oprah Just Like the Rest Of Us

TV Host and producer Catt Sadler joins us to talk about which celebrities make her the most nervous, how to stand up for yourself and get paid what you're worth, and why she's an Oprah fan-girl like the rest of us.

We also discuss: how she asks celebs personal questions without causing them to shut down, her favorite on-camera moments, how to find the courage to advocate for yourself at work and so much more!

Our podcast with Catt Sadler is a true dream come true! 


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