Episode 107: Redefining Your Sex Esteem, #MeToo, And Making Sense of the Aziz Ansari Story With Sex Therapist Morgan Ray

We have been struggling with ways to talk about an unpack the #MeToo movement in a intelligent and impactful way. We've felt that ignoring the subject completely was a disservice to ourselves and our listeners. 

We decided to bring back Morgan E. Ray, a licensed professional counselor specializing in sex therapy. Last time we spoke with Morgan, we talked about sex positivity and feeling comfortable with our bodies. This time, the topic is the same, but the content is a little different.

We discuss, how to redefine your sex esteem, how to talk to young women about their bodies and sex, the difference between assault and harassment, what does it sound like to consent in the bedroom, and how to come back from a sexual experience you feel guilty about.