Episode 81: Please Stop Saying These Things To Your Single Friends | Why The Internet is Weird

Is getting a pet together the ultimate sign of a long-term commitment or does it just mean you and bae like animals? We debate on this week's episode. 

We love the tweet that went viral where a woman told her boss she was taking a "mental health day." You can read more about her here: http://mashable.com/2017/07/11/mental-health-day-email-from-boss/#nHiF_rz72qqs

The internet is weird. We literally summon people from the internet to go on dates and drive us places. Let's discuss. 

Being single can be really hard, but it gets even harder when your friends and family ask you awkward questions and tell you that they never really liked your significant other anyway. We offer you a is a list of things NOT to say and some ideas of what you can say to your friends instead.