Episode 75: Best Ways to Road Trip With Your Boo This Summer | Millennial Obsessions We Just Don't Get

Summer is the ideal time to take a road trip or go on a quick weekend getaway with your new boo, but we have some really important tips to keep everything 100 for your romantic weekend away. Do you have the same idea of what a great trip is? How do you stay on budget? Who pays for what? 

We're feeling really old and don't really understand why so many millennials are obsessed with all things 90's, rainbows, unicorns, and crazy colored Starbucks drinks. We break down everything we don't get about millennials and a few things we're totally on board with. Athleisure, anyone? 

Refinery 29 recently posed an insane story about Sugar Babies and we just had to break it down for you. Would you be a Sugar Baby for 12k a month?! Read more, on Refinery 29 here!   

There is so much that goes into dating a new guy and not only do you have to meet his parents but you also have to meet the friends! How do you charm the pants off them? What if you don't like them? What if they don't like you? We break it all down in this week's episode!