This week we had Joanne Spataro, a humorist and writer, join us on The Margarita Confessionals. As we sipped our drinks, we covered everything from her coming out experience to finding a job you love and the importance of nachos.


While the topic of cheesy, crunchy deliciousness certainly piqued our interest, Joanne really got us thinking when she told a story about the nerves she experienced before she introduced her girlfriend, Lara, to her family.

We’ve all been there. You want your parents to like your significant other or approve of your career path or your friends. But how do you balance the desire to keep the peace with your family with doing what feels right to you? Here are some thoughts on seeking parent approval and knowing when to trust your own instincts:

Know when to take their perspective into consideration

Haircuts grow back and jobs can be changed, but if you’re making a more permanent leap, your parents’ feedback is valuable. At the same time, you have to toe that fine line between taking your family’s opinion seriously and only making parent-approved choices. You don’t need everyone’s full buy-in to make a decision once you’re an adult, so recognize when something matters strongly to you and pursue it anyway, even if your family isn’t totally sold.

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