4 things you can do instead of waiting for your soulmate

When you grow up watching movies like “The Notebook” (or anything by Nicholas Sparks, really) it’s easy to get sucked into some pretty unrealistic expectations about love. You’ll just bump into your soulmate one day and the rest will be perfect, lovey dovey history, right? We had Andy Goh, Digital Communications Specialist at The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art and host of Final Round Radio on this week (for real this time), and we discussed the RomCom portrayal of love and soulmates versus what these concepts actually look like in the real world. Regardless of your take on whether there’s a perfect person for everyone, here are some strategies you can adopt if you’re looking to find a great relationship:

Invest in a solid relationship that’s not perfect

If your definition of true romance is a Disney-esque connection where nobody fights, you’ll be waiting until household objects and woodland creatures sing to meet your partner. Instead of holding out for a completely flawless partnership, invest in a strong relationship that still takes work. Be okay with the occasional fight. Accept that you’ll have to have hard discussions. Learn how to express your feelings, even if it’s awkward. Remember that even Allie and Noah had to deal with this stuff in “The Notebook.”

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