How to Make a Non-Awkward Adjustment Back to Single Life

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Making the adjustment back to single life after a relationship ends can feel daunting. There’s a learning curve involved in dating, and Ali and I have definitely made our fair share of mistakes when we were newly single. If you’re back on the market, let us save you some of the awkward moments we had to trial and error our way through as we offer you some key pieces of advice we wish we had known when we first became single:

Fill up your schedule

Though you may not have your standing Friday night date night anymore, you can find other ways to create a life you love when you’re flying solo. Don’t wait for a friend to ask you to hang out; extend an invitation for a coffee/drinks date. Join a meetup group. Give a yoga class a shot. Be okay with spending time alone. Eventually you’ll find that the single life you’ve cultivated for yourself feels pretty great too.