4 invaluable career tips from the Pink Social Girl Tribe

If you’re out and about in Charlotte on a Panthers game day, you’ve probably seen someone wearing a “Champagne Campaign” shirt. You might actually own one yourself (guilty as charged).

They’re made by Pink Social Girl Tribe, and while they’re cheeky and super comfy, the brand is about much more than just graphic tees and tanks you want to live in. Sarah Baucom and Carrie Barker founded Girl Tribe (which also has a Facebook community that is more than 4,000 members strong) to empower women, build connections and support female entrepreneurs.


We had them on this week’s episode of The Margarita Confessionals. They shared wisdom you’ll want to print and frame for those days when you’re wondering what the actual hell you’re doing with your life. Here are a few takeaways:

(1) It’s okay to want to make money.

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or trying to get a small business off the ground, Carrie and Sarah want to drive home the point that you’re not greedy if you want to get paid for your time. It can feel awkward to send invoices or to ask for a raise. Embrace this awkwardness, and don’t be afraid to make a profit when you’re doing something that adds value to the world.

(2) A work-life balance (or any balance for that matter) can feel elusive.

You’re trying to get promoted and be a good partner and not forget your mom’s birthday and be an attentive bridesmaid and also maybe exercise more than twice a year. It’s a noble effort, but a tiring one too. Maintaining some semblance of order in your life is a challenge. How does one begin to achieve this elusive notion of work-life balance, or any kind of balance really? Abandon the idea of perfection.

“It’s a cool spot in this world and in our universe that women have right now,” Sarah says. “I think that we can do it. I think that we are multi-taskers naturally and it’s just about doing the best that you can every single day and giving yourself grace when it’s not the best.”

(3) Recruit a confidante to help you re-center during times of self-doubt.

You need someone to help you cut through the moments of uncertainty that you’ll inevitably experience. This person could be your mom, your roommate, your business partner or a mentor in your industry.

(4) Join a community and don’t be afraid to get personal.

Life’s just better when you feel like you’re part of something. Sure, Instagram comments are fun and Twitter conversations are great, but take your connections offline, too. It’ll reduce your carpal tunnel risk and make you feel supported. It’s also nice when you can let your guard down and be honest with the people in your network. What keeps you up at night? What could you use help with, or how could you help someone else? Drop the perfectly filtered and hashtagged facade for a little while, and don’t be afraid to show vulnerability.