Tips for picking the perfect first date outfit

First dates are high pressure enough, but add in the part where you stand in your closet in a towel and ponder what to wear for 20 minutes and it almost becomes unbearable. That’s why on this week’s episode of the podcast we had to consult with Jordan Dollard, the owner of Elsa Fine women’s clothing store, for tips on finding a first date outfit you’ll feel great in.



Here are some takeaways from Jordan’s date night style crash course.

(1) Stick with what you know

You might feel pressured to grab a new outfit in anticipation of a first-time meeting, but it’s better to stick with the tried and true. You don’t want to snag something that looks awesome on the rack only to find that it makes you uncomfortable after a few hours. Or, worse, you go to the bathroom and discover that it’s see-through or unflattering in certain lighting.

(2) Don’t wear heels unless you know you won’t trip

It’s stressful enough to try to pick out your Bumble date in a sea of unfamiliar faces. The last thing you need is to face plant as you’re trying to do this. Unless you’re highly skilled at walking in heels, opt for flats, booties, or an equally safe shoe. This is coming from the person who once had a date watch her get her heel stuck in the car door and flop onto the parking lot pavement, so trust me on this.

(3) Be as trendy as you want

Your date might not fully understand what the deal is with chokers or why everyone’s wearing crop tops, but that’s okay. If you feel good in it and it’s reflective of your personality, wear it.

(4) Speaking of trends, yes you can wear them

Jordan is a major advocate for wearing what makes you feel confident. If you see a trend you love, embrace it. Don’t worry so much about whether you’re fill-in-the-blank-adjective enough to pull it off.

(5) Don’t go to extreme levels of getting dolled up if that’s not you

It’s great to put in some effort before you meet someone new, but if you’re usually a low key, ponytail type of person, skip the blowout and manicure in anticipation of a first date. You want to head into the outing feeling like you. Plus, eventually it will be revealed that you’re way more comfortable in a pair of sneakers and your date will wonder what that first meeting façade was all about.

(6) Don’t spend a lot on trendy pieces

If every blogger and “Instagram model” is wearing it now, try it out, but don’t spend a lot on it. It’s fun to experiment with trends, but Jordan explains that you can get quality pieces at affordable price points. Instead, save the real money for timeless stuff that will never leave you looking back and thinking, “I’m sorry for anyone who had to witness me wearing that.”