Backstage With Your New Favorite Couple, Peter and Josh of The Charlotte Ballet

Peter and Josh of the Charlotte Ballet share how they became professional ballet dancers and how they came out to their parents. We also talk about how they met and began dating. Hear about their first date, meeting on Tinder, what they do with their free time and so much more, including the tricky balance of working AND living together.

You can catch your new BFF's in Charlotte Ballet's The Most Incredible Thing running March 9-18 at the Knight Theater. Grab your tickets to The Most Incredible Girls Night Out HERE

Episode 108: Dating In The City You Live In Is Not Actually The Worst So Stop Complaining

This week we discuss why dating in YOUR city is not actually the worst and why we think everyone needs to stop complaining about it, and change their attitude. Dating is 100% what you're putting out into the world and if you're only being negative, your experiences will be negative too. 

We also answer the age-old question, do nice guys always finish last? If you go on a date with a guy and you aren't feeling the spark right away, how many chances should you give him? 

We think time apart is an essential part of a committed and long-lasting relationship. We discuss this piece about SJP and Matthew Broderick's marriage:

Episode 107: Redefining Your Sex Esteem, #MeToo, And Making Sense of the Aziz Ansari Story With Sex Therapist Morgan Ray

We have been struggling with ways to talk about an unpack the #MeToo movement in a intelligent and impactful way. We've felt that ignoring the subject completely was a disservice to ourselves and our listeners. 

We decided to bring back Morgan E. Ray, a licensed professional counselor specializing in sex therapy. Last time we spoke with Morgan, we talked about sex positivity and feeling comfortable with our bodies. This time, the topic is the same, but the content is a little different.

We discuss, how to redefine your sex esteem, how to talk to young women about their bodies and sex, the difference between assault and harassment, what does it sound like to consent in the bedroom, and how to come back from a sexual experience you feel guilty about. 

Episode 106: Why Do We Continue To Fail At Communication In Our Relationships

Why do we make up weird excuses for reasons we don't want to go out instead of just being honest? In this episode we talk about how to say no to plans without being a psychopath.

We make our boyfriends try out The 12 questions you should ask your partner before you get engaged. We discuss why these questions are so much better than the typical "5 things to know about your boo" questions! 

We also discuss why were suck so bad at our relationships and continue to fail at communication. 

Episode 105: How To Know When It's Time To Break Up with a Friend

You guys, WHY and HOW are people still catfishing in 2018? Catfish is NOT just a show on MTV, we talk about a real-life example in our city.

We also discuss the #metoo movement and how to better understand the difference between sexual misconduct and sexual assault. We also talk about consent and how blurry the lines between yes and no can be.

Last, we discuss how to know when it's time to break up with a friend or if you should just cut them some slack.

Episode 104: How To Protect Your Privacy When You're Using Dating Apps

How do you protect your privacy when you're on a dating app? Is it bad that people can google you? What information should I include on my profile? 

The difference between self-care and "treat yo self" - self care IS not all bath bombs and chocolate cake. It's actually so much more! We discuss! 

It sounds kind of weird to ask a divorce lawyer for tips on marriage, but actually, they probably know best:

Episode 103: Let Us Help You Make a 2018 Dating Resolution

It's 2018 and it's finally time to make a dating resolution. Whether your resolution is to finally figure out how to use dating apps, make your Bumble profile perfect, to go out and meet more people in real life, or get your best friend to set you up with that hot guy she works with you need to take a minute to stop and write it down. We also discuss how much time you should be dedicating to dating apps.  What word do you use to describe your "person" when you feel like you're more official than "boyfriend, girlfriend" but you're not married yet? Why is there no good word for this?  

Episode 102: Our Final Episode of 2017

We reflect on our favorite episodes of the year and the good things that happened amongst the dumpster fire that WAS 2017.

How to make a good impression on your boo's family if you're headed home to meet them this holiday season. Do you need to bring a gift? What should you wear? We're here to help. 

The holiday's can be rough. It may seem like everyone and their cousin are getting engaged or making baby announcements and you may think it's your turn too. We discuss how to manage expectations during the holidays. 

Epsidoe 101: Behind The Scenes With a Ballerina

This week we interview Charlotte Ballet's Allesanda James, the REAL LIFE Sugar Plum fairy about life as a ballerina. Alex discusses how she became a professional ballerina, backstage secrets, balancing motherhood and marriage with a demanding career, and how she manages eating and body image while living in a tutu.